Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana (EPL Ghana) is a two-year fellowship that equips high-achieving university graduates of Ghanaian nationality with transferable leadership skills to effect change into the public sector and beyond.

EPL Ghana provides an opportunity for top-performing graduates and young professionals to join the public service in a prestigious role that includes monthly professional trainings, robust supervision and mentoring, opportunity to travel, and ongoing career support and development.

In a partnership with the National Service Scheme (NSS), completion of the first-year of the EPL Ghana Fellowship also fulfills the mandatory NSS requirements.

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Hear From Our Scholars

Two weeks of rigorous training of the EPL programme can be likened to an entire lifetime curricula diligently taught. I cannot say I have ever been this equipped and poised to be an agent of positive change, and I am envisioning bright prospects for my country.
— Aaron Atimpe
The transformation I have received so far with EPL is unimaginable and invaluable. Wow! I couldn’t imagine missing out on such a wonderful experience.
— Mohammed Gazali

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