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Our Model

The Emerging Public Leaders (EPL) model is based on the proven success of our flagship program – the President’s Young Professionals Program (PYPP) of Liberia. EPL has a innovative model for identifying aspiring leaders to build local governance capacity in resource-constrained environments. We work with country governments and other local partners to build civil service fellowship programs from the bottom up. Through our model, we ultimately aim to improve government performance and governance as well as restore prestige to civil service across Africa.

EPL’s model harnesses six key components that have proven to be successful:

  • Meritocratic and transparent recruitment

  • Continuous responsive training

  • Mentorship and professional development support

  • Community service projects

  • Travel opportunities

  • Performance management

  • Ongoing alumni engagement

EPL is now working to replicate and adapt the Public Service Fellowship model to new countries. In June 2018, EPL launched in Ghana with the selection of its inaugural cohort of 20 Public Service Fellows who are placed across nine key government institutions. By 2023, EPL aims to have recruited, placed, and trained 500+ Fellows into the civil service across 6 African countries.