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Call for Proposals


Emerging Public Leaders seeks the services of a qualified research and evaluation firm or consultant to lead a process/implementation evaluation and monitoring system design for our fellowship program in Ghana. The firm/consultant must have a presence and/or experience working in Ghana.

The evaluation will primarily focus on documenting implementation fidelity, using a mixed methods approach, including but not limited to in-depth interviews, focus groups, on-site observations, case studies, document reviews, and surveys.

For more information on the work and application process, read the Terms of Reference.

Questions should be sent to info@emergingpublicleaders.org, with the subject line: “SoW Questions - EPL GHANA PSF M&E”

Deadline for submission: 26th April, 2019.

Procurement Values and Principles

Emerging Public Leaders is committed to enforcing good governance through its mission, values, and standard practices.


  • TRANSPARENCY by providing easily accessible and understandable application procedures

  • IMPARTIALITY by treating all applicants/contractors equitably and fairly

  • ACCOUNTABILITY by maximizing competition to the greatest extent possible

  • ETHICS by acting and conducting business with honesty and integrity


  • Be transparent by providing open access to competitive opportunities.

    • Call for proposals above $10,000 will be published on EPL’s website under ‘Call for Proposals’

  • Serve as impartial through being open, fair, and non-discriminatory with all candidates.

    • Calls for proposals will be advertised across all relevant media platforms

  • Demonstrate accountability through conducting due diligence and abiding by all applicable laws and regulations

    • Candidates whose bids / proposals have been denied will be notified in a timely fashion with a letter indicating the reason for the rejection

  • Uphold ethical standards by maintaining consistency in all processes and actions

    • Calls for proposals will include details on evaluation methodology for contractor selection